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Job Title: Botswana- General Manager
Minimum Requirements
• Must have at least 5 years commercial & managerial experience
2 Years General Manager experience
Understanding of Profit & Loss
University graduate
Previous experience in Africa would be advantageous

Direct and coordinate the core functions of the country including Development, Sales, Operations and Finance ensuring each element is evolving through a culture of continuous improvement and the impact on each department is managed in a balanced way. Grow an ambitious attitude across the departments, encouraging creativity and swift problem solving underpinned by the Clients quality policy and Group quality & safety standards. Drive the country performance in an entrepreneurial style taking personal ownership of the performance of each department resulting in strong profitability growth.

Key responsibilities & Functions Development
• To manage and develop relationships with all commercial landlord partners: public, private and corporate.

• Identify new commercial landlord opportunities through which to grow the asset base in line with Group strategy.

• Monitor public and private press/journals for new tender opportunities and liaise with Head Office on tactics.

• Manage new tender process with support from Head Office and Group, establishing effective communication with internal and external stakeholders.

• Manage profitability of asset base with monthly review of revenue by panel and profitability per contract.

• Work closely with C.O.O Sub Saharan Africa, Sales and Marketing Director Sub Saharan Africa, Development Manager Sub Saharan Africa, on new product development and services to ensure the asset base evolves in line with landlord partners and advertising client’s expectations: create new contractual opportunities through our clients product/service global expertise – defining the development strategy.

• Manage local asset placements to ensure quality of location and distribution are to the Clients standards and in line with landlords and advertising clients expectations.

• Manage all capital expenditure per project to ensure costs are within budgets and in-charge dates are met.

• Manage country capex report on a monthly basis.

• Produce monthly development report and review with CEO Sub Saharan Africa

Advertising Sales
• Ensure all countrywide/long term sales agreements are proactively managed to ensure renewal and growth.

• Ensure top 10 advertising clients are proactively managed to grow the clients share of advertising spend.

• Identify new advertising clients and grow their share of advertising spend with the Client.

• Manage on a daily/weekly/monthly basis advertising sales performance against budget and targets: conducting weekly sales meetings to ensure focus across sales team and key objectives are set in line with local and Group sales strategy.

• Review weekly/monthly year on year tracking of revenue performance per panel type, per network, per advertising client.

• Ensure sales networks, in-charge dates and change of design requests are in line with agreed operational resources and cost forecasts: optimise this area – find the best balance.

• Review and approve all sales commissions on a monthly basis

• Review and agree sales forecasts on a weekly/monthly/annual basis.

• Review and approve all advertising credits.

• Approve all rate card discounts above established rules of engagement.

• Avoid blank panels where possible using voidage agreements or other local initiatives without reducing profitability.

• Grow engagement and revenues in digital content creation – support from Head Office.

• Grow ‘Activations’ and revenues across country.

• To deliver outdoor advertising opportunities to advertisers, that promotes and enforces brand positioning for the advertiser, that at the same time, is economically viable to supply and develop, and delivers an acceptable return on investment.

• To build and maintain loyalty between the advertiser and the Client, and to strive towards delivering a quality and professional medium suitable for the specific need and market, through innovative technology, high quality standards and professional service levels.

• Manage review of artwork to ensure all advertisements are in line with Group, Country and Contractual stipulations.

• Escalate with immediate effect any major sales issues to Sales Director Sub Saharan Africa.

• Produce monthly sales report, in conjunction with Sales Manager and review with Sales Director Sub Saharan Africa.

• Review on a monthly basis the operational performance against planned and reactive maintenance against contractual and internal KPIs, especially cleanliness of assets, site presentation, illumination, digital quality, poster presentation, printing quality.

• Review management of digital spare parts repair within and out of warranty.

• Review flighting performance to ensure on time and right first time targets are met.

• Review printing performance to ensure on time and right first time targets are met.

• Ensure flighting and printing costs are in line with Group benchmarks.

• Ensure flighting and printing contracts, in accordance with Group standards, are in date and signed by authorised signatories.

• Review reactive performance against landlords and advertising sales complaints and escalate to COO where required: target is same day/24hrs.

• Review cleanliness and orderliness of employees, vehicles, depots and storage.

• Review monthly stock checks and records of plant/PPE/tools receipt by employees.

• Review people, vehicle, asset quality, electrical, mechanical and structural inspection action plans.

• Review operational flexibility to ensure, within reason, changing demands from both landlords and advertising clients can be met.

• Review all advertising credits due to operational performance and agree action plans to prevent re- occurrence.

• Ensure management of operational data and systems are line with Group standards.

• Review Health & Safety action plans on a monthly basis.

• Review operational opex on a monthly basis to ensure within budget.

• Review all capex projects to ensure product delivery and on site works are to Group standards, on time, on cost and in-charge dates are met.

• Liaise with COO for any operational support and guidance, escalating any major issues with immediate effect. Head Office will drive and remedy all operational issues.

• Produce monthly Operations report, in conjunction with Operations Manager and review with COO Sub Saharan Africa.

• Review country P & L on a monthly basis reviewing all revenues, rents, operational and other costs.

• Review and approve all purchase orders in line with Head Office processes.

• Approve all recruitment and salaries in line with Head Office processes.

• Escalate with immediate effect any concerns to the relevant Head Office Director.

• Produce monthly Finance report, in conjunction with Finance Manager/Accountant and review with CFO Sub Saharan Africa.

Organisational Position
Reports to: Chief Executive Officer Sub Saharan Africa
Reporting lines are subject to change and such change is at the sole discretion of the Company in line with operational requirements
Key Reports: Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Finance Manager/Accountant.
• Ensure quarterly KPA reviews are conducted, recorded and ‘smart’ objectives agreed.
• Review all job descriptions annually.
• Identify personal development programmes to assist in the retention of key employees.
• Conduct monthly team meetings with key reports.
• To build loyalty with our staff that provides them with job security, peace of mind, the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals within the Branch, the Division, or the Group, and furthermore, to reward them appropriately on a performance driven basis through standard and incentivised remuneration.
• To build our brand, across the division, that enforces our product as the best available, ably and solidly supported, by the largest “out-of-home” Media Group, in the world.
• To facilitate strong communication links between all stakeholders.
• To provide strong management control over all business disciplines – sales, marketing, operations, development, finance and human resources, as well as to call upon additional Group resources where and when they may be required to assist and support the entire business-delivery process.
• Ensure all Group HR policies are implemented.
• To implement and manage the appropriate and necessary processes, IT systems, strategies, action- plans and controls required, to improving general operational and management delivery as well as to fully achieve all stated business objectives and budget targets.
Skill requirements
• Strong interpersonal skills across a broad spectrum, ranging from negotiation, communication, mentoring and essential leadership requirements
• Easy adaptation to differing cultural and language barriers, relative to each market within country.
• Strong and proficient administrative skills across all business disciplines as well as a methodical, disciplined and accurate reporting approach to all business requirements
• Excellent client-service and selling skills, with an affinity and ability towards listening to what our client’s needs and requirements are at all times

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