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Recruitment as a Career

When children are asked what they would want to become when they grow up, few of them would say a Recruiter.

no where does it say recruiter

Their main response is the one that pertains to their toys and cartoons such as Doctors, Firemen and Pilots.

When the child grows up and goes into High School and the teen years set in, their responses become more descriptive such as a Doctor that specializes or a Commercial Pilot, they also have a larger variety of choices as their knowledge has expanded and so we hear the young Accountants and Lawyers, Psychologists, Forensic Detectives or Marketing gurus springing up all around the classrooms.

i want to be a pilot

Recruitment does not enter the lives of any adolescent until they themselves begin to job hunt, and then all of a sudden a Recruiter becomes one of the main people in their newly found professional life.

The entire concept of Recruitment

and the Career that a Recruiter follows

is a brand new avenue that young adults never even considered.

But in reality Recruitment firms provide direct employment for many employees that see Recruitment as a viable career, with a small Recruitment company having just one Recruiter to the larger ones that house 50 and upwards.

There are also many recruitment companies to choose from, with various industries in mind.

In addition to the fact that Recruitment companies employ many staff members, Recruitment companies also allow their staff to have a very interesting insight into the economy of the country or industry that they operate in, as Recruiters are used to source open positions for their clients, Recruiters then have insights into gaps in the market place, or advances in fields.

For example, since the great expansion of GPS technology and logistics software, companies have increased and created new titles for staff within their companies to fulfill a duty that was not available ten years ago. These being Dispatch managers and or Fleet Controllers but on an IT level.

lets have some insight

These positions then went through Salary and duty changes as the technology and companies industry adapted and changed to their specific area of expertise.

A Recruiter thus can have a great insight into how companies on a large scale communicate amongst each other, how industries interact and adapt and how people as a whole are changing.

For a real Recruiter, which is a person that takes their job seriously, passionately and looks after their candidates and clients alike, no day should be boring and hardly any should be the same.

Each day should present new challenges as new Job specifications come in. On top of all the excitement and energized work, as far as Salaries go, Recruiters are in the high earning bracket.

I would imagine that this type of a career would be one that was promoted with a bit more vigor and a lot more positive Career building programs.

Thanks to the internet and dedicated Bloggers, we can now get a good insight into the world of a Recruiter. If this industry is of interest to you I highly recommend looking up Undercover Recruiter and Greg Savage. Catch them on Twitter: @UndercoverRec and @greg_savage

Amor Legere

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