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Are you Millennial-ing @ work?

If its your first time working in a professional and corporate business place, then this is for you!

Chances are you are a Millennial - "small hairy hamster that collects straw."

The transition from being a candidate for so long has had your mind boggled up, you need to get into the correct mind space as this is all new to you. Recruitment is a daunting task, but you made it through!


The thought of having to prove to your new work colleagues that they did not choose the wrong person is haunting you every second.

You need to get your mind and body in sync with your new routine.

From early mornings and early nights, to preparing lunches that suit a healthy lifestyle, found on Pinterest, are the many adjustments you are about to make.

Do not fear!

You have got to show them what you are made of, after all we are the

most connected and info fed generation in human history!

Your style and individuality is the flavour that makes the office mix work better now, after all you were chosen! There must have been a lot more than a A4 cv that got you a seat @ the table.

The office lingo and professional etiquette are just extras to your already awesome armament! Pay special attention as language in both speech and body go a long way to being taken seriously.

Social media is now a minefield that you have to carefully tiptoe around by judging which colleague you add as a friend with all the privacy setting on low! Remember that time, fashion, trends, viral effects and people change, don't be ashamed of the past you, it MADE YOU! But be careful of who you allow into your inner circle. There is nothing wrong with having Facebook for your friends, and LinkedIn for the new professional you!

And holy moly, does work take its toll on you! Its a long day @ the office, and we all end up taking work or challenges presented @ work home.

All you want to do is lay your head down but you keep thinking about boss lady needing this or that done, but hey, that's what growing up is all about, remember that when you have challenges you should be honoured that someone in the company trusted you to succeed in these challenges.

And finally you can make it rain!!!

Suddenly the financial independence is a affirmation of just how much you have grown and have been reward for by being able to get whatever you want, it is after all your hard earned money!

So go out there and flex your muscles! Be the person you always wanted to be, dress and act the part and soon that shoe will fit. #alwaysbelearning

By for now

Aqeelah Masango,

edited by Konrad Bryczkowski

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