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You get Agencies and you get Crooks

Unemployment is high.

Some people get desperate for Work.

Some people Exploit the desperate ones.

But there are plenty of people that aid in getting people employed.


How to spot a Recruitment Agency, and how to spot the Crook!


I recommend you watch at least the first 5 minutes of this YouTube documentary by

It encapsulates the atrocities that occur under a false pretense.

This topic is a rather heavy set one, I know I know.

However it is timely, as there are many seasonal jobs opening up throughout the Country. These range from Domestic Workers, Farm Workers to Factory Workers, all working hard to get those lovely presents to our doorsteps, and the vast amounts of food upon our tables.

Just to paint the picture and clear up some terminology, a Recruitment Agency can perform one of two tasks, or both, namely Permanent Placements, or Outsourcing.

A Permanent Placement is takes place when a Client Company would like a staff member to join their current workforce. The Employment Agency is tasked with finding a suitable candidate using various Recruitment techniques, upon final selection the Candidate is placed with the Client. The Agency then charges a Placement Fee to the Client Company. The "operational" relationship between the Candidate and Recruitment Agency then ceases to exist.

The other type of Service that a Recruitment Agency may perform is Staff Outsourcing.

In this scenario a Client Company requires one or more staff members, however they do not wish to absorb the Candidate under their own Payroll. The Agency then places the Candidate or Candidates upon the Clients site and instead of the operation relationship ceasing to exist, it develops into the Recruitment Agency being responsible for the Payment of Wages and conducting all Human Resources and Industrial Resources.

The Recruitment Agency will charge the Client on an ongoing basis.

When seeking employment ensure that you understand if you are engaging for a Permanent Placement or Outsourced work.

Now that we have that cleared up.

Lets dive into the real purpose of this Article and that is to assist Job Seekers on how to spot a really Recruitment Agency and how to spot the Crook.

Whether the Recruitment Agency that you are engaging with performs either only Permanent Placements or Outsourcing, or both, the following will apply.

In South Africa we have a lovely piece of Legislation entitled the

This means that within South Africa we as a Country are protecting our Job Seekers, be they Foreign or Domestic.

Here are some bullet points that if you experience with a Recruitment Agency you should contact your local Department of Labour or APSO (Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations - 0861 42 62 82).

Crook Agencies operate like this:

1: Agency wants to Charge you for their Services.

2: Agency wants to retain your Identification Book or Passport.

3: Agency wants you to Pay should you not be successful in the Job or choose to leave your new employer.

(Refund for Permanent Placement or part thereof.)

4: Agency wants you to pay on a continuous basis so as to retain your Outsourced Job.

(Ongoing charge for Services Rendered or Administration deducted from your Salary)

5: Agency does not have Terms and Conditions or Contracts in place. (Do not engage without knowing what you are getting yourself into.)

Points to Remember:

6: Agencies MUST be registered with the Department of Labour, and display their Certificate to that effect. In order to get a Certificate from the Department of Labour Recruitment Agencies undergo very strict audits at least twice a year.

7: It is also wise to deal with an Agency that is a Member of an Association such as APSO. Agencies have to undergo in-depth audits and comply with some fantastic Codes of Ethics and Best Practice. Agencies have to pay to belong to the Association, so you will not find a Crook paying to be exposed.

If any one of the above is not in place then be wary and remember to spread this message because you may not be effected by a Crooked Agency, but someone else just might be engaging with one right now.

Amore Legere

Konrad Bryczkowski

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