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How we protect your Human Rights

South Africa celebrates it's 58 Human Rights Day!!!

"Human rights are moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in municipal and international law."

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These are rights that every person is entitled to because of the mere fact that you are human, regardless of your nation, language, religion, or ethnicity. They are known to be egalitarian in the sense that they are for EVERYONE!

We as South Africans are privileged to have the freedom of utilising our human rights because decades ago a group of people who envisioned a better South Africa stood up for us and fought, and today we have the freedom to do whatever we want just remembering not to infringe onto someone else's rights

South Africa has the Bill of Rights, which forms part of the Constitution. It contains many rights to protect such as the right to Housing, Privacy, Education and so on, the full list is here:

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So how do we as a Recruitment Agency protect your

human rights?

Well working in an environment where the human connection is a priority and our sole purpose is to make sure that the well-being of our candidates are always considered I can tell you it’s no lie.

We follow strict policies that protect your right to Privacy!

Recruitment agencies just like any other ethical company that aims to be the best would follow laws and regulations, ethics and best practices, when it comes to interacting with each other as humans.

We wrote an article about this before: Click here

Entitled, You get Agencies and you get Crooks!

We not only care about the fees that we make from running a recruitment agency but we also care about the people we work with therefore there are ways in which we can ensure that you are getting the best from us in service delivery such as going the extra mile to make sure that we do our research when it comes to placements.

Ever heard the saying ‘’the devil is in the details”? That is why we as a

recruitment agency run thorough company checks to see if the company that we are aiding is not a ‘fly by night’ business, or causing harm to their employees.

We also have a signed document,

Service Level Agreement,

between the company and us, as well as our candidate to ensure that there isn’t any dodgy business happening that we don’t know about, and when it comes to the Job Specs, we vet them like we would with a candidate CV, making sure that it's a real job offer.

We advise our candidates of where we are able to assist them with any problems they might encounter in the new workplace and this helps safeguard the attitude and performance of our candidates, and also sheds light onto whether or not the client is delivering on their promises.

We are the middle man between two parties and we look out for our family members to once again ensure that none of their human rights are being infringed upon and if so we uphold high codes of ethics and best practice.

We understand and take great care when dealing with people and that our candidate's credit ratings, mortgages and health care are on the line when engaging in new employment, and so our checks and balances are a way of mitigating the risk that a candidate may experience through scams, or false promises.

In that sense we are comfortable with sending our best candidate to work and we also have the insure that we can build a relationship with this company for future ventures.

So you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart and will continue to do so with every candidate, no matter your nationality, age, gender, social class.

We care about you!

Aqeelah Masango,

edited by Konrad Bryczkowski

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