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Build your Career in 2019!

With three weeks to go before the New Year, many of us are gearing up for a holiday, reflection and setting up new years resolutions.

Shame those poor new year's resolutions, by the 15th of January all you have left is a 12 month gym contract!

So let's look at some great new year's resolutions that are impactful and easy!!!

Building your Career in 2019!

1: Create a Vision Board, and identify a Dream Job

Build yourself by creating a map for yourself.

You will never get to where you need to be unless you clearly identify where, why and how.

2: Set a financial plan, projecting the costs for 2019!

You know your cost of living for 2018, most of your transactions are on your statements.

So create a simple spreadsheet and increase the costs by 7% (CPI). It will give you a clear direction on your finances, allowing you to focus on your money vs your priorities.

3: Write out your CV.

Even if you are not looking for new job, creating a CV allows you to list your professional history and will allow you to summarise what you do.

It is a great way to reflect!!

These are 3 simple steps that will have a great impact on you.

Wishing you all a prosperous, safe and healthy 2019!!!

Amore Legere

Konrad Bryczkowski

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