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Anxiety Rising.

We all know the symptoms of anxiety but here are a few pointers of how to turn a very soul destroying feeling into an indicator.

  1. Do not get anxious about the fact that you are having a panic attack. It is natural and often appears rather scary as it stems from the subconscious, catching you off guard. Perhaps when things are going well? Ever notice that? You're driving and a small thought snowballs into an avalanche and you find yourself gripping the steering wheel...

  2. Try to jot down the exact thoughts that brought upon the panic attack. You will see them in a new light. As part of a to do list rather than can not be done!

  3. Consider that anxiety is an alarm. An alarm that you will soon begin to think of very pragmatic and factual thoughts. By doing so, you will train your mind that whenever you feel anxious or have a panic attack, this triggers grounded thoughts, eventually you will be able to think more pragmatically and factually when feeling the slightest bit of anxiety.

We are all affected by anxiety and panic attacks. Its natural, but its important to understand where its coming from and how to react so that it does not take control.

Amore Legere

Konrad Bryczkowski

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