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Expression in an Interview

If you have an upcoming


or are conducting one, then this article might be of use to you.

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When one is faced with having to sit in front of a complete stranger, the last thought going through their mind is their capability of Expression.

And indeed it requires capability.

Expression does not happen on the spot, or without practise.

Expression is an art that is refined by continues repetition and mostly the failure to Express allows for the development of the subject.

Expression within the context that I am describing, is one that refers to being able to reproduce either fantasy or an actual thought process.

Too often candidates end up having a “hot potato” lodged in their mouths. Now, one can debate how friendly the interview environment is or how effective the recruiter was in their interview process and use these factors as the reason for having a successful interview, however for the purpose of this article I am specifically referring to the candidates that have the same interview process as the others on the day, but tend to lack expression with regards to their story, which in fact is the only story that will get them the job.

Expression is extremely important.

And the development of being able to express is equally as important.

just breathe

But how to go about developing such a skill?

How does one increase that which is deeply seeded within him or her?

Well the only way to go about increasing a beautiful action such as expression is to wade through the ugly and mundane.

So as the caterpillar undergoes a transformation into an all enjoyable and identifiable butterfly, so must we as individuals transform from a person that is misunderstood or unheard to an individual that is capable of reflecting upon their thoughts and expressing them accurately, whether this is through articulation, body language or written text.

It goes to reason then that by picking up a pencil and doodling, or by plucking at guitar strings one can help increase this action of Expression.

You see, for we are left with nothing but thoughts enclosed within skin and bone, however once pen hits paper, voice to microphone or foot to dance floor, Expression is actioned.

It is upon the doing that we increase our ability to do; at the beginning we might be making a huge racket with our guitar and plucking away at a piece of steel string tied upon wood but once that steel and wood begin to feel all the more familiar to us, as do the motions that our body uses in order to generate a sound, our lights from within begin to shine and shine right through us as individuals.

People who are professionals at utilising their artistic talents have mastered the action of Expression in their means. And this is exactly where the problem lays, in that we do not go through a series of Interviews to hone in on being able to Express ourselves.

However if we take the time to grow our streams of Expression, the action itself will not seem so alien, so pick up a pencil and doodle, empower yourself in being able to Express by doing just that.

More specifically, in order to increase our Expression in Interviews we must use our everyday interactions to challenge ourselves in the discussion of unfamiliar topics or interacting with unfamiliar people, in so doing, we can begin to build up a small fire within us to start boiling the Expression that is so badly needing to steam out.

Amor Legere

Konrad Bryczkowski

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