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The Horror of being Hired!

You stand at the edge of the pool, looking at all the others swimming around, splashing and having a ball,

yet you stand there, all awkward and knock-kneed.

Without careful consideration you close your eyes and jump, sinking to the bottom of the pool.

Gasping for air as you break the waters surface!

'I was not ready!!!' screams every nerve ending.

That, a rather juvenile analogy, is how the Recruitment process is approached by many candidates.

Interestingly enough, the whole process can be so terrifying that some candidates never take the plunge choosing to sit back at their picnic area, or they do jump and sink to the bottom, when coming up for that breath of air get a mouthful of water - there are even those that never adapt to the water’s temperature and head back to pool side.


See what we did there?

You have been selected for the initial interview, first and foremost, do the Toe test, and take time, really take the time, one foot, then the other.

Make sure to do your research about the company with which you intend to engage.

There are a plethora of candidates out there that do not do the Toe Test, honestly, you would be surprised.

They enter the Pool without knowing anything about the Company, and sit in the interview room or boardroom expecting the Interviewer to give them the simple details of the company.


In this day and age, if you are going to spend money on petrol or transport, you can shed some coin for data, and Google the place that you will be spending an hour or so at.

Furthermore read the job spec properly.

There is nothing more pleasing than having a Candidate that speaks to the Job Spec, even if the Candidate critiques it, and makes suggestions.

Understanding the Job Spec shows the Company that you understand the position and that you are the correct person to be interviewed for that role.

Once you have mastered the Toe test, you can jump into the Pool, comfortable that you will neither freeze nor burn.

You will sit more confidently before your Interviewer, and you will be taking command of the your self worth, as you have already taken the time to measure it up against the Companies ethos, products or service offering and how you can assist them in the role that you are specifically interviewing for.

In the first interview take the time to ask questions.

Some of the best questions:

1: “How big is the team that I will be working with?”

2: “What does the organogram of the Company/Department look like.”

3: “What other key deliverables are expected, that the Job Spec has not detailed?”

4: “When is lunch?” - Joking, please don’t ask that.

5: “How is the interview process structured?”

6: “What benefits are offered?” - This question allows you to see the difference between Salary and Cost to Company, many Companies are not clear in Job Ads with the actual monetary breakdown, and the first interview is a good time to ascertain if the job is worth your time.

You will now be able to surface from that interview and not choke on bits of water that get lodged in your throat and make you look like the dork @ the pool.

The more preparation that you put into the initial part of the Interview process the less horrifying the entire process of being hired will be and you will be able to represent yourself in a more transparent and confident manner.

Amor Legere

Konrad Bryczkowski

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