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It's a race for the job!

5 factors that could cost you your future job!

THE RACE IS ON FROM DAY ONE! And everyday is race day!

1: Getting an internal referral - Reaching out to someone that can vouch for you at the company that you are applying to is a fantastic way to stand out on the radar.

2: Your CV - This is rather obvious. You must have a professional looking CV that details the all the necessary points. There are many ways to get your CV polished up, one of which is to speak to one of our Recruiters via facebook or Instagram. Spend some time researching how to upgrade your CV, and then ensure to update it at least twice a year!

3: Use of LinkedIn - So this point is not that obvious, even though most people have a LinkedIn profile, it is rather poorly administered and under represents most candidates.

It is not enough to complete the basic steps, you need to go beyond and make sure that the entire profile is complete. Additionally, it is of great benefit for you to network with people, comment, share and if possible contribute by writing articles on your field of work.

Your insights and efforts will not go unnoticed.

Here is a video to get your LinkedIn profile up and running.

4: Networking - Being known by your fellow colleagues in the industry is a great way to get ahead of other candidates. Most companies send their employees to exhibitions, conferences or networking events, always be professional and leave a lasting impression. You never know who you may be sitting across in that interview room.

5: The interviews - The entire interview process can take over a month, so persistence and patience is imperative! I did a live stream on this, here is a video that will assist you with you interview skills!

Work on these 5, polish them up, at all times not only when you are looking for a job, your career deserves it!

Amore Legere

Konrad Bryczkowski

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