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How to Land your Dream Job?

Is the grass greener on the other side?

How to land the job of your dreams without starting from the beginning …

As career driven individuals most of us go through this at least once in our lives. What to write on that Business Card?

We question our career choices and career existence.

We ask ourselves questions like,

“did I study the right course after school”,

“did I choose the right career?”,


“is this the company I really want to work for”

Even once you do get the job, you may realise this does not make you happy and a new career is what you need. You will worry about what people will think if you suddenly change careers in the middle of your life and the many raised eyebrows that come with it. So be ready and bullet proof for this.

The following steps could help you with making this life changing decision.

1: Is the grass really greener?

What you imagine a career to be and what it really can be is two very different things. Do your homework, start networking with people in this field and see if this career is exactly what you imagined

2: Enhance your current skills

Make a list of your current skills and the skills that your dream job entails.Compare these and see where you need to be stronger in. Expand your skills so that if you decide on this career path you are the best applicant you can be. You can also beef up your resume with activities that show your interest in the new career for example if your dream job is to be a Teacher, volunteer at a Children’s home or aftercare facility, this shows dedication and love for the career you are about to embark in

3: Baby steps

If not confident just yet to make that big career move, baby steps all the way. Meet your dream career halfway. Try to find a halfway point between your current job and your dream job. For example if you are an accountant who wants to be a fashion designer, you can look for an accountant job in the fashion sector.

4: Know your value

The most important piece of advice any one can give you! Even if you are totally changing careers that does not mean you have to start over and that you lose your value. You do not let go of all you learnt and achieved in your old career. The skills you are knowledgeable on are useable and valuable. Ensure that you have done your research in the field and are able to demonstrate how all of your experiences have prepared you for this change in careers and going forward the ideal company will be excited and eager for you to join their team.

5: Believe in yourself and the first half of the battle is won.

Remember, it is never too late to start over, do what makes you happy, when you happy success is sure to follow

All the best

Farah Adam

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