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A career is a lifestyle!

Your choices determine who you are and what you have. I'm here to tell you that having a career is not a choice, but rather a series of ongoing choices that accumulate into a lifestyle.

Through my company Afpol, we have been promoting two things,

1: Career Development

2: and Lifestyle

The reason why these two topics were carefully selected was that in some ways they are juxtaposed, yet in others fitting and reliant on each other, like ying and yang.

The major difference between having a Job and having a Career is that once the bell rings, your job ends.

- However with a career, you are the one that controls that bell. -

When a person is career driven, you will see the the following in all aspects of their lives:

1: Passion for what they do

2: Discipline in what they do

3: Insight into what they do

These three aspects will be visible throughout their daily activities, whether it is in the gym, in the parking lot at their kids school or on the weekend reading an article relevant to their field. The evidence is clear throughout their lives, and their careers are being built together with their lifestyle.

- A person with a job who is trying to build their career by making one or two choices is on the dirt road adjacent to the highway. -

Their progress will not only be slow, but also the industry, competitors, other candidates or employees will out pace them. Some tough love needs to be had with oneself about where you stand in your life.

If you are at a party discussing, not your day to day tasks, but rather the industry that you are adding value to, then you are most probably crafting a career.

However if you are at a party and the only feeling you have is that of escape from the hum of florescent tubing, you are in a JOB, and always will be unless you take a good look at what excites you, makes you want to be disciplined and add insight into!

Amore Legere

Konrad Bryczkowski

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