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Online YOU 2.0

Hands up if you received 3,000 emails about companies updating their data policies in the past few days!


- short answer -

ever heard of a


In the world of recruitment, much like many other industries, data found on social media and job boards are our lifelines.... databases

It is important that you as a individual use your data to your advantage.

Consider it the ONLINE YOU 2.0

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica saga revealed just how little we all understood about Facebook. We all have our own understanding of data privacy, with a massive community of 2.19 Billion users on Facebook, there are bound to be varying views on the topic.

LinkedIn with its 560 Million professional profiles offers an array of data, giving recruiters, suppliers and advertisers a great insight into finding the right professional target market.

Simply put, have a look at the adverts that are displaying on Facebook/linkedin/YouTube or Google, these adverts are a reflection the online you, so why not use this tech to your advantage?

Whether you think data privacy is the responsibility of the individual or the company handling the information, one thing remains,


Use your data to your advantage and be found for the right reasons.

Here's how and why:

LinkedIn has become a necessity! If you do not have a LinkedIn account, it is imperative that you open one and add

1: all your professional credentials,

2: a detailed description of your previous work employment

3: as well as your professional accomplishments.

LinkedIn is your online CV.

Ensure that you update it regularly so to keep it relevant, we are posting a vlog soon about how to keep a great LinkedIn profile going.

Now think of your Facebook as a LinkedIn account… no not full Monty and reveal all your professional history, that's one way to lose some likes, but rather the small twitches that you can do to your profile to make it your professional self develop!

Take control of your data and make it work for you. By entering your job title or place of work you draw relevant information that can really benefit your personal growth. Adverts and information about online courses, forums, events, and headhunters will start coming your way. ‘Kind of sound like a fortune cookie here.’

Use your data to your advantage!

Written by

Konrad Bryczkowski and

Aqeelah Masango.

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