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Social Media, Lock it down!

Social media is a place where we visit everyday, and spend an immense amount of time either learning, laughing or remembering, yet we forget to close the curtains.

In fact most people do not even consider checking if they have blinds, curtains or a glass house, when it comes to their social media privacy settings.

Why is this important?

Well from the employment or employability point of view, recruiters do and will check your social media feed!

Just so you don't think that recruiters are being stalkers,

Here are the reasons why it's worth to look at a candidate's social media platform:

  • Identify racist tendencies

  • Identify drug or reckless behavior

  • Connecting CV history to post timeline

  • Authenticating what was discussed

  • Causing previous employer reputational damage

The use of social media as part of the recruitment process is vastly becoming standard as seen by the South African governments adaptation to the changing times.

It is recommended that you should in the first place not post anything that you would not be comfortable discussing in an interview setting, but also, lock for your privacy settings.

It's just the smart way to use social media.

Amore Legere

Konrad Bryczkowski

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